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Dear clients, thank you for your interest in the Brooklyn Dog Whisperer!

We are now scheduling Training Consults and Obedience Training. Aggression cases welcome.

Email steven@nullbrooklyndogwhisperer.com for info & requests


I am Steven Kessler, CFDT, a Certified Foundation Dog Trainer. The “Foundation Dog Training System” was developed to provide a systematic approach to troubleshoot behavioral problems and develop an effective plan for dealing with the most difficult dog behavioral and training problems. I am here on Bainbridge Island helping owners and their dogs with any and all behavioral issues as well as providing guidance on how to become your dog’s pack leader. If you require help for anything from housebreaking, selecting the right dog for your home, or even the most serious aggression issues, please feel free to contact me. I currently live here on Bainbridge with my wife Sarah and 5 year old son Tobias.  After my start in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY and a stint in the UK I am now training owners and rehabilitating dogs here on Bainbridge Island, WA.

My methods are constantly updated as new ways to fix your dog’s issues or find solutions for the dogs that work their way through the system and still have some genetically or environmental challenges that require a good management plan to succeed without landing them in a shelter or on the euthanasia table.




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I still pinch myself every time Magpie comes when called! Your seemingly effortless and amazingly calm approach to dog training helped me to realize how my “non-alpha” behavior and tone in dealing with Magpie was counter-productive. Now I truly understand the “whispering” part. How can I expect Magpie to respond when I’m not speaking her language! Talk about an “aha” moment… Laurie & Magpie (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Dear Steve, “We finally took the big gate down & re-gated the stairs. Mojo did not budge off his bed when my neighbor came for a long conversation at the door today. Mojo has been camped on his bed in the living room (I think he figures that if the wall goes back up, he wants to be in the West.) Thanks for all your help! Clo and Mojo (Bainbridge Island)
Dear Steve, I want to thank you so much for helping me through the entire process of taking on Kevy. You were at my home days after Kevy’s arrival. You gave me a strict plan to deal with his housebreaking. In less than a week Kevy was no longer having any accidents in the house. Your plan worked. Amy and Kevlar (Bainbridge Island, WA)
From the time we started and continuing on now Rufus has adored his Uncle Steve, you have never so much as raised your voice to him, it has always been your calm confidence that has enabled Rufus to learn what is asked of him, and for him to do so happily.
Steve I honestly can’t thank you enough and I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have the freedom and confidence in my dog if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to make it to your puppy classes in September.
“Wow Steve that seems like such a long time ago. To all you guys watching this video Budah and I started working with Steve when Budah turned 4months and in 12 weeks he completed the 3 phases of the Foundation dog training style Steve uses. Budah is now 2 years old, about 100 pounds and he still does everything the same way. I’m so glad we found Steve. Thanks so much and hope to see you soon